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NEW on the blog! Business Continuity Awareness Week

In the latest SSCL staff blog, read what Neil Smith, Head of Business Continuity and Resilience, has to say about Business Continuity Awareness Week... 

In any organisation or business, incidents will always happen that we just can’t predict. There are other incidents or knock-on effects we know are coming, but we can never predict the exact time when they will happen. But what we can do as an organisation is to take steps to prevent the impact of incidents and be resilient. 

I first became involved in Business Continuity after our office flooded on Boxing Day 2015. We did a great job of responding to the flood by putting our business continuity plans in place. Our response and the way that we maintained our services received praise from our senior management and customers alike. However, none of that endeavour and disruption to people’s Christmas break was actually necessary. Why? Because buildings can be built to be flood resilient, thereby reducing or preventing the impact of a flood. Unfortunately we hadn’t planned for that, and subsequently, our building was not flood proof.  

We’ve now moved out of the flood plain altogether, but recalling that experience still makes me very pleased to see that “Resilience” is the theme of this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week. 

SSCL has a real focus on being resilient - not just having plans for when things go wrong, but being proactive and investing in resilience all the time.  

So, what do we mean by being proactive and resilient? Take another simple example; we’ll all be familiar with the scenario of a cable being dug through and knocking out the entire power supply or all the phone lines. This possibility could be catastrophic to a business that takes the duty of care to our customers incredibly seriously. This is a scenario we considered when we moved offices in York. Our new office has a back-up generator and we invested in making sure there was a second communications link to the site from a separate exchange installed.  

The steps we take such as those I’ve mentioned above make sure that we are resilient and can continue to deliver our services with little or no disruption should the worst occur.  

We still have business continuity plans for when those unforeseen events occur, but knowing we have invested in resilience allows us to operate with confidence that we can withstand many events that otherwise would cause us disruption.  

During Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018, we are asking all our SSCL colleagues to “Take 5 – To Talk Resilience”. Why don’t you do the same?

Watch our 'Take 5 to talk about Business Continuity' video here





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