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Customer Experience in a Shared Services Environment

Innovation, Technology, Cloud, SLAs and KPIs, Standardised – words you often hear in relation to Shared Services, but how often is Customer Experience (CX) really given a top priority as opposed to a cursory box ticking? 

For Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL), a UK joint venture providing critical business support services for Government departments, Police Services and Defence, this is absolutely at the forefront of the Innovation and Improvement of the services we provide.  

By working closely with our clients to really understand their specific business needs and challenges SSCL has scanned the industry for innovative and best of breed products to enhance the user interaction with our services through our technology platform.  

“We have been able to develop innovative digital solutions with a primary focus on tailored services that enhance customers’ experience, moving from a standardised Shared Services to Shared Services your way  

Clive Shepherd, head of SSCL Customer Experience explains: “We touch the lives of over one million people through our business services – that is an incredible number of people. Every month we are handling the payroll for over 500,000 people from over 20 of the largest Government departments and payroll is just a snapshot of the customer interactions we have, so it’s absolutely critical for us to focus on our end user 

“And that’s exactly what we have done, through taking an ‘outside in’ view of the services we provide, understanding how users consume our services we are able to target both improvement and innovation to continually develop the Customer Experience. 

“Through a roadmap of innovation focused on our end user, we have implemented and continue to develop new platforms, dashboards and innovative products, all geared towards the end users of our services. We are lucky enough to have like-minded clients who relish the opportunity to really work collaboratively with us to develop services to meet their ever more challenging current and future business needs. 

“What’s more, listening to our clients, through management meetings, user communities, End User Surveys (Net Promoter Score, NPS) and using business analytics, we are really able to understand our Clients’ businesses and users’ needs.  

“CX really isn’t just about Contact Centres although I see many articles that seem to think it is. It’s about an organisational mind-set and each team understanding its part in providing a great CX. 

“Testament to our design is SSCL’s knowledge and Insight management team within the Service Strategy and Innovation directorate. Merging the knowledge management with the voice of the customer has been a clear winner and recognised by Call Centre Management Association’s UK National Contact Centre Awards where our team was awarded Gold for Best Customer Contact Centre Team Support (colleague) category. I’m incredibly proud of the passion demonstrated within my team, providing support to SSCL wide operational teams (including the Contact Centre) and directly with our forward thinking clients, enabling collaboration on CX impacting opportunities. 

“Our approach provides a single CX Enhancement interface to the client, ensuring that client user needs are clearly understood and that the service we provide is in line with, or exceeds, the current industry trends and expectation.  

“Internally we also have an ongoing schedule of Customer Experience workshops with our operational teams to ensure awareness of the importance of CX in the delivery of our services.  

“Externally, immersing ourselves in the client’s organisation to work collaboratively with us ensure effective measures are in place to be able to articulate levels of satisfaction and share feedback. We can both celebrate the positives, use them as examples of ‘what good looks like’, identify opportunities and put plans in place to improve where we can. 

The challenges of CX 

“Delivering a Shared Service has many challenges from a CX perspective, especially in things like measurement of NPS and really tracking down root causes of both positives and negatives. 

“It’s not a typical Business to Customer (B2C) environment as end users don’t really have a choice where they get their services from, but their senior management do…..  

“As a result it’s really important to view the services provided as ‘End to End’ across client organisations and the service provider, really focus on and value the end user experience. We know that Client Execs have different drivers in terms of value for money and strategy, so we are essentially working in a B2B2C environment keeping both clients and end users satisfied. Their perception of the services delivered has moved way beyond SLA and KPI performance; they’re a given, end user feedback and satisfaction is a key factor. Again, we are lucky to have clients who understand that. We work collaboratively with them to look at how we might help internally in their organisations to ensure we get what we need to deliver a great Customer Experience and they do the same with us. 

“This summer we launched new dashboards - myPay and myTeampay, reacting to findings. Another step forward in terms of SSCL co-designing a solution with users to improve Customer Experience.  

“It has vastly improved an employee’s and line manager’s ability to self-serve for information that would have previously involved many individual searches of pay impacting information, like expenses, allowances, tax code changes, typically these queries could have ended up being presented to SSCL as a service request or call.  

“Feedback tells us it’s easy and intuitive and we are now looking at other opportunities to do this elsewhere in our services. 

What’s next? 

We’re gearing up to launch the latest version of our multi award-winning myHub – this started life around two years ago essentially as a knowledge search tool but we have collaboratively developed it to the point where, when Single Sign On (SSO) is delivered, it will become the entry point to our services. Really simple to use, a great CX and will replace our existing portal, simplifying access to our services with any associated help and users’ frequently used transactions. 

Forms, a word you wouldn’t expect to be using in 2020, will really become a thing of the past in favour of digital input. We have consolidated hundreds of organisational forms resulting in creating 12 key categories of digital data entry replacing 80% of previous form-based interactions. 

So why is CX so important and what’s different about SSCL?  

“Traditionally, a service or product would be provided to end users and those users would need to use that product to achieve their business outcomes, regardless of how clunky or difficult it was - bringing the users to the service.  

“At SSCL we believe we should take the service to the users. We want to develop those services to meet their business needs and SSCL’s Intelligent Ecosystem does just that.  

“We will continue to use ‘outside in’ thinking, think differently about solutions, running design thinking workshops with our clients to continue to develop and deliver our Innovation roadmap. 

“I’m finding it incredibly liberating to be part of such a forward thinking CX centric organisation. Under Matt Hurley’s leadership in the Service Strategy and Innovation division straddling all SCCL’s business, we are making great strides forward in how we think about what we are delivering……… and delivering it. It’s changing the organisation and who knows, could help change the direction of the industry. Start to think differently and put CX first…we do!” 


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