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How we are fostering a culture of Continuous Improvement

We celebrate our fifth birthday on Thursday (1 November), and to mark the occasion, we’ve been looking at five things that make  great. I’ve been asked to write this blog about one theme that is very close to my heart, and that is continuous improvement.

We are definitely fostering a culture of continuous improvement, always looking to make our platform and our processes better than they are today for our client and the thousands of police officers and other employees we support.

We have lots of fantastic examples of where this has been happening over the past twelve months and I’ll just mention a few here…

Improved recruitment experience

We’ve also been making lots of improvements to our Recruitment service to meet the additional demands on policing numbers required in London. We’ve been working with our client to support them on policy changes that will help diversify the potential candidates looking to join the police force. We’ve made changes to process to shorten the journey for a candidate so that they can get active on the job much more quickly. And, perhaps most importantly, we’ve improved the candidate experience, including making our Assessment Days much more interactive and interesting for prospective police constables.

New technology has made a significant difference to the process. The candidates are provided with a tablet for the duration of the assessment and record all of their answers directly onto it. This has replaced traditional paper assessments. There is a collaboration exercise, where two candidates work together using a virtual reality headset and a tablet. Between them, they are able to identify which room in the building they are in and what has happened at the scene. It provides them with the scenario of one being an officer at the station asking questions over the radio, whilst their colleague is at the scene relaying the information. There are two scenarios where we have actors. For example, one is where the candidate has to resolve a dispute. The candidates’ feedback on this exercise has been really positive, as they love the challenge and the realistic setting.

A new Organisational Loader

Recently, we delivered a project to introduce a new ‘Organisational Loader’ to our Single Operating Platform. As you can imagine, delivering a seamless service across multiple HR and finance functions relies heavily on having complex organisational hierarchies up-to-date so that processes such as expense approvals can flow effectively. This new and improved way of responding to requests from our client to update their organisational structure saves us literally hundreds of employee resource hours every month.

A better process for issuing rail cards

In addition, we’ve been reviewing the process around issuing rail cards to police officers and staff. We have made some really clear improvements in both the issuing process and in SSCL’s relationship with the 3rd party rail card supplier.


This is only a small flavour of the ways we’re using our culture of Continuous Improvement to constantly evolve what we do at SSCL. I’m so very proud of my team and all of their efforts in consistently going above and beyond to provide a high quality service to the UK’s largest police force.

Happy Birthday, Team SSCL!

Sue-Ellen Wright, Managing Director Police, Shared Services Connected Ltd

 *SSCL is a trading name of Shared Services Connected Ltd.





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