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Police call for investment in nationwide officer recruitment drive and crime-fighting technology

Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL*) today launches research showing if more funding were to be secured for UK police forces, 85% of police officers, correction officers or other law enforcement surveyed would want to see it spent on hiring of new police officers nationwide. Just under half (42%) also called for investment in new technology to help fight modern day crime.

In lieu of future funding commitments, our research shows shared services could offer one route to unlocking budget. The YouGov survey, launched to mark the first year anniversary of SSCL's business transformation platform PSOP, found that just under one in three officers surveyed (32%) support the use of shared services. When asked why, over three quarters (76%) of officers believe shared services would deliver financial savings to UK police forces and 48 percent believed they would help improve overall performance.

When asked which technology-based tools should be prioritised as an investment to help target modern day crime, officers called for increased investment to fight cyber/ online crime (56%) as the greatest need, while investments in mobile/self-service devices (51%) and big data processing (35%) were also essential.

Sue-Ellen Wright, Shared Services Connected Limited Police Managing Director said:

“The research is a powerful message about police officer priorities and solutions must be identified to support their growing needs. Clearly, shared services provide one viable option to unlock funding, reallocating spend to transform business service functions and help invest in technology to meet crime-fighting needs.”

A lack of knowledge about shared services may however be a roadblock to partnership. The survey highlighted education is needed to understand the potential of shared services, with 24% of officers surveyed believing that a lack of knowledge around shared services would deter UK police forces from using them.

To help bridge this gap we are planning on working with police forces about shared services while highlighting the benefits and potential to transform UK policing.

*SSCL is a trading name of Shared Services Connected Ltd.


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