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SSCL supports Government reporting during Covid-19  

Accurate data reporting is crucial in times of crisis. Monitoring key workers health and wellbeing, and ensuring correct numbers are collated is vital when it comes to planning. 

For Government, as legislative changes come into force nearly every day impacting the whole of the UK and every government department, it is vital the agencies know and understand what their own workforce levels are and how they may be impacted. 

When Government Shared Services approached SSCL amidst Covid-19 pandemic, our team understood the urgency of updating our ERP platform to gather this vital data. 

System change

A four part change to record COVID19 absences across all government departments using SSCL’s platform was implemented in record time, with half completed within two days.  

Working closely with SSCL's technology partner Fujitsu,  a joint team was created to enable the first phase of the system updates to be completed in less than 48 hours. This created new absence recording for more than 300,000 public sector workers, enabling changes to pay and allowances.

This has meant that data can be submitted to Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR) assisting Government with accurate sickness and leave levels in the UK’s fight against this pandemic. 

The data captures leave reasons, under a range of sickness and special leave categories related to current Covid-19 health directions. 

System changes like this normally take months of development, planning and testing as well as careful communication across agencies but by working in partnership across Government and SSCL and its third party partners SSCL was able to respond to this emergency situation. 

Kenny Morris, SSCL Government Managing Director said: “It is quite remarkable what we have achieved over the past few weeks. We have and continue to look after the wellbeing of our colleagues and remain focussed on delivering service excellence. I personally take great comfort and strength in knowing that we have a talented and committed team who continue to safeguard the essential services that we provide to our Government clients and end-users through these unprecedented times.”


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