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The importance of encouraging leadership in delivering strategy

In this month’s blog, Jeanette Smith, Shared Services Connected Limited's Government Managing Director, provides her thoughts on why encouraging strong leadership across the whole organisation is critical to achieving strategic goals.

“I think it is really important that at the beginning of each year, I invite the Government’s Leadership Team to attend a Business Strategy Roadmap event. This interactive session ensures there is clarity in understanding of the strategic requirements of the year ahead, and absolute ownership of the actions as a collective team. This year’s event, which  was even bigger and better than last year’s, really got me thinking about the importance of effective leadership at all levels, and the role it plays to achieve our strategic goals. 

For me, it’s really important to bring all of our Leaders together in one room in this way in order to gain everyone’s input and buy-in, and to ensure that leaders from all over the organisation can articulate our strategy to their teams.    

During the event, I felt a real sense of pride to see all the talented and committed people we have supporting our success. I feel really proud of our collective achievements in 2018, which was a very positive year for us – and as I always say, our people are definitely our greatest asset. 

I’m a passionate believer that it’s our  people who have made this organisation the success it is today, and it’s our wider leadership  group that I really look to champion and to deliver our strategic actions. The empowerment and active engagement of our leadership community is vital to the development and personal well being of all our employees, which are crucial as we continue to expand and grow in 2019...


Strategic Growth 

...And expand we certainly will! After a positive 2018, we start the new year preparing for significant growth. Not only are we welcoming a new client from 1 February, we also have an exciting pipeline of opportunities to support our existing clients with more of our service offerings. 

Strategic Growth is, therefore, the first of four key pillars underpinning our Government 2019 strategy. Note the word “strategic” here. We are not expanding rapidly without ensuring strong foundations that we can confidently and capably build on. These foundations we are building now are vital for sustainable growth, operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Having a defined approach for our expansion plans and an effective framework for change management are both key to our success, as is ensuring that we keep our leaders across the organisation involved in the strategic process and informed with timely communications, which we call two-way interactions, to ensure everyone feels included and not just communicated at. 

In addition to Strategic Growth, there are three other equally important strategic pillars (remember - if one pillar is shorter than the others, or doesn’t have equally strong foundations, then the house falls down!)


Intelligent Solutions 

Continuous improvement and operational excellence is truly at the heart of our values. 

With the highly repeatable nature of the transactions that we undertake for our clients, processing around 6 million transactions every year, intelligent technology solutions such as automation and robotics have huge potential to innovate and improve our service quality and efficiency in equal proportions. 

We are therefore actively encouraging our leaders across  In this month’s blog, Jeanette Smith provides her thoughts on why encouraging strong leadership across the whole organisation is critical to achieving strategic goals... to make these technologies a key area of their focus for 2019.  

Whereas many organisations choose a model that keeps their tech teams very separate from the delivery teams, we’re not going to do that. For example, with automation, we are empowering our leaders and teams to seek out the processes in their areas that could benefit from automation, and then train existing team members in the UiPath software to be able to create and manage the robots themselves. 

The benefits of this approach are twofold: not only does it mean that the people developing robots are experts in the delivery processes, having lived and breathed them every day, but it also creates excellent development opportunities for our employees in both software development and project management.  

We have already had 40 people attend our internal, fully-accredited Lean Six Sigma Through an RPA Lense training programme, and eight of our people have qualified as UiPath Developers through Developer Bootcamps run by our Implementation Partner, Morpheus.


User Experience and People Excellence 

And that brings me to the other two pillars in our strategy, both of which have a common theme: people. 

Whether it is our employees or the end users of our services, people are at the heart of what we do and so these two pillars are vitally important. 

I want our leadership community to keep people’s individual needs, challenges and motivations at the forefront of their minds at all times. In every project, every decision, and even in every conversation, it’s our focus on what impact it will have on other people that will mean the success of our strategy. 

Great leadership is about treating everyone with respect, listening carefully to everyone’s viewpoints and needs, then making an informed decision that’s in the best interest of the organisation, our people and the long-term benefit of the majority of our client and employee communities.


Leadership and strategy success are not easy. But together with my dedicated leaders and committed teams, I’m confident that our 2019 strategy will create positive change and innovation for the shared services we provide to our clients."

Jeanette Smith

Managing Director, Government - Shared Services Connected Ltd



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