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We provide an extensive range of shared services for clients in a constantly evolving environment. Expectations, business challenges and technology are changing faster than ever before.

We are responding. With creativity and ingenuity, we will deliver Shared Services your way – personalised experiences co-designed with users.

During 2020, we will create a Software as a Service (SaaS) ecosystem, capable of integration with any operating platform, to offer innovative business and service solutions to our clients.

Our innovation strategy and roadmap has three core approaches.

Personalised user experiences
We are co-designing innovative solutions with our users to provide personalised experiences.

We have a pipeline of new applications and releases to enhance our services based on user feedback from all our clients.

Our self-service portal, myHub, gives users integrated access to a knowledge base, guidance, training, interactive tools and forms. It will soon be available anytime, anywhere and from any device.

150,000 customers use myHub every month, searching for over 300,000 pieces of information, and there are more than 100,000 self-service interactions every month.

In 2020, we will give users ‘one click’ personalised access to a growing knowledge base and a range of applications in myHub.

We are enhancing the tile layout, improving self-service functions, adding newintelligent forms, updating HR and finance processes, and introducing new communication channels, including chatbots and other automation to reduce turnaround times.

Find out more about our innovative new updates to our award-winning knowledge portal myHub click here.

Omnichannel contact centre
SSCL’s contact centre handles over 3 million calls, 150,000 emails and 100,000 service requests. We also provide specialist services. For example, we handle calls from citizens to the Prison Service to help reduce reoffending rates.

In 2020, we’ll further transform our services by giving our customers a choice of how they contact us, and introducing a true omnichannel approach for managing these inquiries.

We will implement enhanced customer experience software. This will give our contact centre a single view of the customer, allowing seamless movement between channels without changing agent, losing context or making customers repeat themselves.

myPay dashboard
We handle the pay of more than 230,000 Government employees. Our new dashboard gives employees a single and personalised view of all their pay and expenses related information – at a click of a button.

The dashboard also offers team managers pay-related information on their direct reports and overview of outstanding activity waiting for review and approval.

Find out more about myPay here.

Mobile and intelligent automation
We have the agility to harness the power of next-generation technology, moving towards intelligent and automated shared services – on the cloud - accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Business and Robot Process Automation
SSCL has developed and supports the running of more than 50 ‘digital work-ers’ in our operations.

These ‘bots’ are capable of carrying out repeatable administrative tasks. They can log into applications, move files and folders, copy and paste data, fill in forms, and extract structured and semi-structured data from documents.

This enables SSCL to deliver an enhanced service to customers.

We have a growing team of developers and technical analysts specialising in RPA and focused on automating manually intensive tasks.

Digital workflow
We are introducing an enhanced workflow management system into our ecosystem. Its core function is to orchestrate work across different platforms with SSCL advisers able to see all interactions in one place.

It can blend work across 1st and 2nd line support teams and ensures all work is tracked, managed and prioritised more effectively.

This will speed up response times, freeing up user time to focus on their core business priorities. Users will be able to view where every transaction is in a journey, the next steps and the timescales involved.

Data analytics and business intelligence
We are generating incisive business intelligence as the catalyst for ground-breaking public service transformation.

Enhanced reporting services
Our Enhanced Reporting Service provides over 60 complex HR and finance monthly MI reports across five Government clients

Our solution is used 150,000 times a month, across 7 major government clients

We've delivered significant improvements in forecast accuracy & FTE modelling, and reduced time taken to complete monthly forecasts by up to 30% for our clients

Data analysis
We provide enhanced visualisation, user experiences and interfaces for drilling into data sets and creating analyses.

In 2019 we introduced expenses & procurement card management, Procure to Pay and Finance analytics, and multi-client service level agreement (SLA) and key performance indicators (KPI) tracking.

We also blended two toolsets to deliver an expenses and tax compliance solution.

We plan to integrate additional data warehousing capability and apps into our services during 2020.

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"Our aspirations have always been to produce a cutting edge, personalised user experience whilst still maintaining all of the benefits of utilising a shared service provision."

Matt Hurley, Director Service Strategy & Innovation

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